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Maggie La Hue

I am a Life Coach who loves working with people who are ready to break through old behaviors and become the greatness that they were created to BE.


I work to lead you to the answers you have within.  Each of us stretch or limit ourselves by the perspectives we hold about the world and life. Conscious and subconscious beliefs that we have about ourselves and others drive our actions and therefore our outcomes. We will work together to discover what beliefs or perspectives you have that are serving you well and which ones may be limiting for you and your opportunities.


With fear, excitement, challenges, and victories, I courageously launched CHOOSE YOU COACHING in 2016.  I chose to take a step in faith and follow my internal leading of helping people like you find your greatness. My life is filled with adventures in relationship building and creating solutions for businesses and individuals. I specialize in working with Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Sales People to reach the next level of their growth.

maggie working

As a young child I was always drawn to listen to people's stories and solve life’s problems with them. I have continued this path as a life learner and enjoy being curious on how to grow my abilities to guide others to navigate life. I have a strong desire to grow and help others grow and discover what is possible for them. This has led me to many experiences with the Klemmer and Associates organization. In 2016, I became a certified coach through the Klemmer Coaching Academy. 


I believe living our lives is where lessons are given and through life and training I have learned and am learning the skills, tools and perspectives to help others learn through those lessons. Through hurts and struggles from being a suicide survivor and living with labels around dyslexia, I have learned how to trust and create new stories around my life that serve me in moving forward and having joy and peace. Also, I am successful in sales and team building leadership in my marketing and sales career. That being said, we all have experiences, challenges, and successes that can teach us how to choose what we want and I am not claiming to be an expert in your life. I am inviting YOU to become an expert in your life and allow me to help you in your journey.


2016 - Present

Owner and Operator of Choose You Coaching


Completed Klemmer's Coaching Academy

1999 - Present

Sales professional with MBC Grand Broadcasting, INC


B.A. Music Education - Adams State University

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