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Choose You Coaching Services


Personal Growth

Isn’t it great to have someone you trust to bounce ideas and thoughts off of?

This is one of the benefits of having a personal coach. Two brains are better than one.  Together we can gain perspective and see your bigger picture. I can help guide you to know when it is time to rest, get into action, harvest, or create. I can help hold you accountable to yourself and the commitments you make. We will discover what your limiting beliefs are and how they keep you from achieving what you believe is possible.  

Maybe you are struggling with relationships and find that you have more breakdowns in communication and connection than you want. Let's work together to create more effective tools to help with communicating.  Relationships, whether they are with family, friends, or coworkers, can usually be improved and deepened with more effective communication.  We will take a look at what is working for you and what can be adjusted to bring you the results you're looking for.  


As a personal coach, my commitment to you is to help you find the ways that you are living life small and help you stretch to live the life that not only you deserve but that your loved ones and your community deserves also. Let's work together to help you show up and stop standing on the sidelines of life, watching it pass you by and watching others decide how you will live it.


Sales Professional

The act of making a sale is about transferring confidence and trust in what you have to offer to the people you are helping. In our coaching sessions, we will uncover some limiting beliefs you have that keep you from achieving the success you know is possible. Together we will discover what motivates you and what helps keep you going when you feel discouraged. I believe we are all salespeople although a lot of people have a negative association or belief system around salespeople. We can break through these limiting beliefs and see how you can actually be a superhero for the people you serve.


Business Consulting

Since 1999 I have been helping business owners with their vision for their company and formulated marketing plans to get them closer to their goal. When you work with me we will focus on limiting beliefs you may have that hold you back from growing your business to the next level. Having a coach to bounce ideas off of and help you create more specific targeted goals is helpful and productive.


I will commit to helping you see things that you may not see because you are so close to your business’s picture - we can pull back and look at the bigger picture together. We can look at what shifts you can make to bring your team closer together and bring them with you in reaching your company’s goals. Working with me will give you the opportunity to build confidence in yourself and your team. Together we will create actionable game plans that help you achieve more in your business.


Entrepreneur Guidance

I enjoy the creative minds of Entrepreneurs! It is so much fun to hear the ideas you have and help you create and develop your vision. I enjoy helping you see what is holding you back or keeping you from getting started. Together we will create game plans to keep you moving forward and get you in motion on your dreams so you can make the impact on your community and marketplace that you are meant to make.


Team Building Workshops

Are you looking for a way to bring your team together? Are you looking for better understanding and communication within your organization? Choose You Coaching offers a Team Building Workshop to help you understand what motivates or triggers each of your team members. This two-hour workshop can give each person a glimpse of their own behavioral style and the behavioral style of each or their co-workers. You will learn a new way to listen that will help with communication. This workshop is wrapped up with an interactive, experiential exercise that gives everyone the opportunity to discover how they are showing up in their work environment and interacting with others. Each team member will have the opportunity to implement what they have learned about themselves and their communication in an unexpected way. Within a short amount of time, we can create an opportunity for learning and bringing a team closer together for more effective and enjoyable teamwork. 

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