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Client Experiences

Listen to some of Maggie's coaching clients share their experience working towards personal growth, business goals, and starting out as an entrepreneur.


Miquette is a team leader who used Maggie's services to facilitate a team building workshop



Jim is a personal growth client who has been working with Maggie for 4 years.


Lena is a personal growth client who has been working with Maggie for 5+ years



Kerri is a Small Business Owner and Personal Growth client and has been working with Maggie for 5 years.

Kerri's Experience


Kim has been working with Maggie for 4 years as a career and personal growth client. 


Heather Benjamin, Team Building Workshop client of Family Health West - Marketing Department

“We added Choose You Coaching to our professional retreat and it was so valuable! Maggie was great to work with in understanding ahead of time what our group needed and who it was comprised of, along with delivering a great group conversation and personality introspective for more than 50 people at once. The retreat received glowing feedback on the value of Maggie's presentation. She is professional in every way and easy to work with, she does her homework/legwork on the front end to deliver exactly what is needed - and she makes it fun! Five out of five would recommend Choose You Coaching for professional development, a leadership retreat, or team building. “

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